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The Most Dangerous Game

by Richard Edward Connell

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How do Gerneral Zorraf and Rainsford go against each other in a life and death situation?

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General Zaroff originally helps Rainsford after he is shipwrecked, but he only helps him in order to provide himself with a worthy adversary for the hunt.  He sends Rainsford off ahead of  him and hunts him down, or attempts to hunt him down, like an animal.  Rainsford eventually turns the tables and the hunter begins the hunted.

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Rainsford becomes the object of the hunt for Zaroff. Rainsford becomes terrified when Zaroff outwits him (but allows him to live) and toys with him as if he were a mouse. Rainsford, however, kills Zaroff and then spends a comfortable night in Zaroff's bed, which raises the question of whether he will simply replace the evil Zaroff.

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