The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Edward Connell

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How do Gerneral Zorraf and Rainsford go against each other in a life and death situation?

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General Zaroff originally helps Rainsford after he is shipwrecked, but he only helps him in order to provide himself with a worthy adversary for the hunt.  He sends Rainsford off ahead of  him and hunts him down, or...

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General Zorraf had earlier on help Rainsford from a shipwreck when he had fallen off the ship after hearing gunshots from afar and Zorraf had spared his life. But as the story progress and the plot thickens, Zorraf had attempted to hunt him down and kill him, so he had became the object of the "hunt", a play toy that he can discard anytime like a kitten. He found out that Zorraf hunting style was way too brutal and had tried to elude and hide away from him, but he was later surprisingly outwitted by him and he begins to play with him like he was some sort of play-dough. Rainsford eventually turn the decks of cards over and give him a cutting-edge advantage by killing all his accomplices until the end he surprises Zorraf at his bed before killing him off before sleeping comfortably at his bed

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