how do general practitioners deal or manage with stress and stressful situations ?  

Expert Answers
dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I will assume you are speaking of general medical practitioners. Working in health care is stressful regardless of the particular role. Patients and their families can be quite demanding and unappreciative. Not to mention witnessing death and destruction of lives. Any health care worker should learn to develop healthy coping mechanisms to help them deal with the daily stressors of their careers. The divorce rate is especially high among physicians. Positive, healthy coping strategies could include a daily exercise regimen, meditation, and peer support. Many hospitals, for example, have de-briefings of relevant staff after emotionally charged deaths. Eliciting pastoral care can also be a way to deal with the stresses of this chosen career.

suesllew | Student

When health care workers are with patients who are experiencing stress, it is helpful if the health care worker can remain calm. Training and experience make this easier. It is best to speak calmly and act calmly. Use calming words. Calmly explain to the patient that you can help. Calmly explain to the patient any necessary procedures. Act with confidence and empathy. Sit down to be on same level with patient. Treat each patient as though you truly care about each patient. Treat each patient as though each patient is your most important patient. Treat each patient as though each patient were your best friend deserving the best care.