In "Fahrenheit 451" how do the firemen spend their time at the firehouse?

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In "Fahrenheit 451," the firemen spend a lot of their time playing cards, most likely poker.  Also, as Montag describes upon his arrival there at the beginning of the book, they play "games" with the mechanical hound.  The hound is programmed to track anything that it is given a sample of--a sample of scent, blood, hair, clothes, whatever it may be.  It is so advanced technologically that it can register the person's scent from that tiny thing, and as a result can hunt it down wherever it may have run to or been hiding.  The firemen, in real practice, use it to track down criminals, to hunt down rebels on the run, and to paralyze them with its needle.  But in down time, they arrange "hunts" in the firehouse for the hound with rats, chickens, and cats.  Montag describes,

"there would be betting to see which of the cats or chickens or rats the Hound would seize first."

Montag didn't participate in these games very often, because he had lost a lot of money the one time that he tried, and Mildred had gotten mad at him for it.

So, games to entertain themselves is what most of them do--either through poker and card games, or betting on small animals that the Hound hunts down.

I hope that helps; good luck!

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