How Do I Find the "Poetic Subject" of a Poem?Hi! I have been asked to analyze some poems by Wordsworth, Keats, etc. What is the poetic subject of a poem?

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The "poetic subject" of a poem is whatever the poem is about. For instance, Wordsworth's sonnet "The World Is Too Much with Us," the poet laments that we are consumed by the stress of materialism and getting by in the world. He wishes that we could just lose ourselves in nature and not worry about all the rest. So you could say that the subject of the poem is nature vs. materialism or nature vs. industrialization.

I suspect that you might be using "poetic subject" in the same sense as "theme." In that case, for whichever poems you are writing about, you should read the eNotes study guide discussion of theme for each of those poems.

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msnewbooklover | Student

t0 grap the POetic subject.. we first have to underline all metaphorical statements......and the back ground of poet is also imporatant......for eg.....


the botom of the pan was a palette-


haldi,heaped like powder paints.

melted ghee made lakes,golden rivers

the keema(minced meat)frying my mother waited

for the fat to bubble to thr surface.

frnds bought silver-leaf.

i dropped it on khir-

special rice pudding for parties.

i tasted the landscape,customs

of my fathers country

its fever biting a chili-



this is the poem written by a pakistani poet who is living abroad since her birth.She is not in pakistan so she is describing the we pakistan is LAND OF CONTRAST.......people say it GOLDEN has many unique people with unique cultures and different she symbolize her land with A PALLATE(in which painter mix colors)so as we know palette has many colors it is showing that her country is colorful in culture etc.....

hope so this will help u out....