how do i find the foll: 1) total surface area(TSA) and volume of pyramid? 2) TSA and volume of cone?

giorgiana1976 | Student

The pyramid connects a square base to an apex.

Since you did not specified the type of pyramide whose TSA and volume are found out, we'll recall the formulas for triangular pyramid and the square pyramid.

If the pyramid is triangular, the base is a triangle and the three faces are also triangles

The total surface area of a pyramid is given by the addition of the area of the base and the lateral area of the pyramid.

TSA = Base area + Perimeter*Side Length/2

The volume of triangular pyramid is:

V = Base area*Height/3

If the pyramid has a square base, the TSA is:

TSA = Base area + Perimeter*Slant Length/2

The formula of the volume remains the same.

Therefore, the formula that gives TSA for a triangular pyramid is different from the onr that gives TSA for a square pyramid, but the formula of the volume is the same for both types.