How do fidelity and infidelity apply to The Great Gatsby?

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The romantic infidelities abound among Fitzgerald’s characters.

Tom Buchanan, a serial womanizer since his honeymoon, has an ongoing affair with Myrtle Wilson, the wife of an automobile mechanic to whom Tom takes his cars. Daisy Buchanan embarks on an extramarital affair with Gatsby. The entanglement of these relationships is the ultimate cause of the two unexpected deaths in the novel; it’s important to note that both Buchanans are the ones who emerge unscathed.

Fidelity also means truthful. One of the major issues in the text is Gatsby’s web of lies that he weaves in order to embody the persona of someone with whom Daisy could see herself. Gatsby’s infidelity to Daisy stems from his embellishments and concealments of the truth. When Tom exposes Gatsby to Daisy as a kind of fraud, Daisy is reviled...

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