How do I explain our daily phenomena?

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

How do you explain "daily phenomena?" If you are asking how one explains ocean currents, wind, and so on, then the answers lie in a detailed study of earth sciences, including the roles of planetary motions and their relationship to the Sun, as well as the interactions of the Earth and its moon. I am not certain, however, that this is the information about which you are inquiring. As I noted in my earlier answer, "daily phenomena" usually refers to those elements of nature that occur every day, and many of which are integral to our ability to survive. Earth, as we know, is highly unique among the planets in our solar system, the only one known to be able to sustain human existence. The conditions that enabled life to emerge and evolve on Earth include such factors as its precise distance to its star and its size -- the very attributes astronomers search the known universe seeking in so-called "exoplanets," planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy that may or may not support life as we know it. The conditions unique to Earth include its vast amount of water -- some 73 percent of the planet's surface -- and its temperature variations, much of which are conducive to the existence of various forms of life, from microscopic bacteria to human beings. Such daily phenomena as, gravity, ocean currents and wind are all directly related to those attributes unique to Earth. Whether this is the kind of information about which you are inquiring, however, I am uncertain.

kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Daily phenomena" can refer to anything that literally exists on a continuous or regular basis as a part of our daily lives. They can be defined in a metaphysical sense as with the dreams we all experience, or as a more concrete, less abstract part of the earth's natural progression, as with winds, ocean currents, sea breezes, etc. [On the latter, see Bertha Clark, General Science, 1912, linked below]. Within the metaphysical sense of the phrase, Inge Strauss and Barbara Meier, in their study In Search of Dreams: Results of Experimental Dream Research (1996), define dreams as a part of our daily phenomena, insofar as all humans (and, possibly, all animals) experience dreams during sleep and humans even experience them while awake (i.e., day-dreaming). The bottom line, though, is that the phrase "daily phenomena" refers to nothing more than that which we experience on a daily basis as part of nature. "Daily phenomena" is a seriously broad category, as it encapsulates all of nature, including unseen forces such as gravity and the distant reaches of the universe. The important thing to remember is that the phrase refers to that we know exists, whether or not we can explain it scientifically.

pro4ever | Student

ok, but how do i explain?

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