How do each of the three hunts parallel each of the three seduction scenes?

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Gawain ends up at the Green Knight's castle but doesn't know that his host, Bercilak is really the Green Knight Bercilak's wife tries to seduce Gawain three times, each attempt paralleling the hunt her husband goes on each day. The first day her husband (Bercilak) hunts a deer, an animal that is very shy. That day Bercilak's wife shyly tries to seduce Gawain, like a deer. She kisses him once. The next day Bercilak hunts a boar, which is a much more aggressive animal than the deer. That day the wife is also more aggressive when she tries to seduce Gawain. At this point she kisses Gawain twice. On the third day Bercilak hunts a fox, which is a sly and cunning animal. Parallel to the fox's behavior, the wife tries to seduce Gawain in a sly way: she gives him a magic belt that she says will protect him from harm along with three kisses. She tells Gawain not to tell her husband. In truth Bercilak knows everything she has done.

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