How do I do a book report on a philosophy text?

Expert Answers
mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You would begin your report like any other book report. A book report always consists of presenting the content and structure of a book or text as objectively as possible, without comparison. It provides not only a summary of content but also an analysis of structure. The purposed report is to give enough information about a book or text to help decide whether it will be of use or interest to the reader. As always make sure you add any bibliographical information as it applies to your text. Include the author's name, full title including any subtitles, editor, if any, place, publisher and date of publication. Include the number of pages if it applies. Make sure to include any background information. List the author's intentions in the text you are writing about. Make sure to include a subject and thesis statement. Include what the text is about, not only the main concern, but the author's particular point of view on the subject. Add an analysis of structure and a summary of content. The important thing to remember about philosophy texts are that they consist of the reasoned defense of some claim. Make sure your report is modest and makes a small point, but makes that point clearly and straightforwardly. Last but not least make sure your report offers good reasons in support of the philosophical text you are doing the report on.