How do different groups and organisations influence science?  e.g. Greenpeace

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It depends on the type of pressure and the frequency of the pressure.  But make no doubt about it, the influence of pressure groups has a direct impact on science.  The way a business or industry conducts its business practices are shaped and molded by public scrutiny and voice.  Groups like GreenPeace and PETA, while you may not agree with their position or tactics, cause business people world-wide to take notice and shape their business practices so as to draw the least criticism.  I remember a few years ago,  when the state of Mississippi Legislature was having to trim the annual budget, they were looking at not fully funding the National Board Certified Teachers area.  We were told by our superintendent of education, that when they are considering making changes, they look up in the overlooking galleries to see if anyone shows up to represent their positions.  We organized ourselves and showed up, both in the galleries and in the legislature halls, where we got to speak to several legislators.  We made our presence known, and for the time being, at least, secured our National Board funding by influencing the legislatures vote.

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