Describe the structure, pattern and stylistic devices of Act V, scene ii in As You Like It from the entry of Silvius and Phebe.

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Structurally, Act V, scene II in As You Like It, commencing from Phebe's and Silvius' entrance,  is part of the plays rising action and seemingly a contribution of complications. However the section functions as foreshadowing of  the upcoming climax in which Rosalind will unfold her plan that is the source of her "commands."

The pattern of the section is that of repetition, which is also one of the literary stylistic devices Shakespeare employs, in which characters repeat one another in several sequences. Stylistically, words and sentences spoken by Silvius are repeated by the other characters. Some other stylistics devices are word choice, sentence length, and irony.

In word choice, "all" is an emphatic word that is often repeated. Regarding sentence length, the preponderance of sentences are short, as well as repeated. Irony is involved as situational irony because Rosalind/Ganymede knows what the other characters don't know, so while her words are enigmatic to them, presenting paradoxes, they are to Rosalind's knowledge perfectly clear and true. Dramatic irony is also involved to an extent because the audience shares in Rosalind's knowledge, thus also knowing what the other characters don't know.

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