How do I decide the differance between Matisse's Still Life on a Green Sideboard and Cezanne's Curtain, Jug and Compotier?

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The similarities in both of these paintings are readily seen in the composition and subject matter. The biggest difference may be in the use of color.

Matisse's take on his subject matter is more abstract. For example, the sideboard, knife and glass of water are reduced to shades of green, removing them from their true color in nature. Cezanne, on the other hand, uses colors more concrete in reality. The colors of Cezanne's subject matter reveal a more accurate representation of these objects as they appear in nature.

Matisse's use of blue and green hues also adds to the mystery of the piece. The sideboard door is slightly ajar, revealing only darkness and in turn an ambiguous air to the work. The still life is perhaps less palpable to the viewer. Matisse's color choice contributes to its originality. Cezanne's painting, however, is more direct and relatable to the viewer because of his naturalistic use of color.

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