How do I create a table of values for -3x+4y=8?I already have the table constructed, but would like to double check it with you.

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nmmoritz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Solve the equation for y, thus putting the equation in slope-intercept form:

4y = 3x + 8

y = 3/4x + 2

However, in constructing a table of values, I prefer to make it as easy on myself as possible.  In other words, since the slope (coefficient of x) is a fraction, pick values for x that are multiples of 4, thus making it easier to graph the coordinates on the Rectangular Coordinate system.

x     y

0     2

4     5

-4    -1

In my opinion, it is easier to graph these whole number values than it is fraction or decimal coordinates.

utilityfan | Student

First isolate for y,



/4   /4


This is the equation in y=mx+c form.

Pick a domain (e.g -10 to 10) and substitute the x-values into the equation. You would have a table like this:

y    |  x

2.75  1
2       0

(And so on)


aziaslam | Student

YEs this is exactly how I did it myself :) Thanx for the check!

scruffybear13 | Student

first turn the equation into y=...




once you have this, just sub in x values. usually your domain is equally above and below zero. create a t-chart with x on the left side and y on the right, then fill it in.

x      y

-1    1.25

0      2

1      2.75

continue the chart in this was for as many x values are required