How do I create a project on pollution for a science exhibition?

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I think an interesting project would be to see if certain kinds of trees clean the air better. I think you could do this either by going near certain trees and measuring the carbon dioxide in the air, or by spraying carbon dioxide on different trees. I'm not sure how practical that would be, but I'd be interested in the results!
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There are some obvious ways to go on this such as air pollution and water pollution. The great thing about this is you can measure it in various scientific ways. In other words, the result is very visible. However, there are other types of pollution. How about noise pollution? I think you can have fun with this. You can show how noise reduces the quality of a person's life, especially if a person lives in an urban area. Image the lack of sleep due to the various noises out there. What does it do to children? How about listening to music loudly on an ipod? Can loss of hearing take place?  I think you can combine statistics with a demonstration.

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There are plenty of ways to progress with this project.  I would suggest identifying a particular aspect that can be explored in a science exhibition format.  Perhaps, you are interested in ways that individuals can reduce polluting habits and this can be featured on a posterboard of some type of display format.  Another way you can move on this project is to identify a challenge in the realm of pollution and use your science exhibition to display greater understanding of this topic.  For example, if you are going to identify major causes of pollution, you are using your exhibition to raise awareness of the problem.  I think that you want to focus on one area and project a wide exploration on this topic for your exhibition.  In the final analysis, your science fair is meant to display students' findings on the topics selected.  Since yours is pollution, it would make sense that if you identified something that you wanted to explore about pollution, making this your focus for your science exhibition might be a good start.

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