How do I create my own socratic dialogue between myself and Socrates?I have to type a 2 page paper having a socratic dialogue with Socrates using one of his ideas. I need help getting started.

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A dialogue between Socrates and anyone involved Socrates asking lots of questions as he forced his partner in conversation to clarify his/her thinking, explain exactly what he thought, and explore inconsistencies in his/her stand about the subject being discussed.

Start out by deciding what you are going to talk about; what idea of Socrates would you like to discuss with him? How do you feel about that idea? Decide your opinion or feelings about the topic and know the reasons for your position.

To write your paper, you could start by asking Socrates a question about a part of the topic that you don't understand. Have him reply with an explanation. Your response could be a restatement that isn't quite accurate, which would lead Socrates to ask you a question that would force you to reevaluate what you had said. The conversation could continue for as long as needed to fully explore the topic - or for at least your two page length requirement!

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