How do constitutional restrictions hinder the effective and efficient operation of government?no

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Constitutional guidelines and restrictions were written into the Constitution to protect the rights of the individual citizens, but there certainly are times when those restrictions slow the process of governing our society. One of the most far-reaching examples of this is the principle of due process, which guarantees that the rights of an individual must be respected and observed at all times.

Because of the principle of due process, persons being arrested as suspects in a crime must be informed of their rights as set out in the Miranda warning. It would be much more efficient for an officer of the law to simply arrest a suspect who was caught in the act of committing the crime or when there are numerous witnesses available. However, all suspects - even those who are obviously and unquestionably guilty - must be informed of their Constitutional rights. If this information is not properly presented to the suspect, the case can be dismissed because the suspect's rights were not honored.