How do conditions on the farm under Napoleon’s leadership compare to when Jones was the owner in Animal Farm?  

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For one thing, the animals did not work as hard or as much under Jones.  They had work time and they had down time.  They all realize this, but not many discuss it as they are beginning to question what they truly remember since the rules on the barn keep changing.  The animals also never went hungry under Jones.  Everyone had enough to eat and enough time to recover from the work of the farm.  The animals were led to believe (by the pigs) that they were suppressed and treated unfairly which led to the rebellion and the ousting of Jones.

Under Napoleon, the animals are manipulated to work harder for longer hours, and then they are not all equally sharing the benefits.  For instance, the cows milk more, but the pigs get the milk.  Boxer works harder and longer, and is sent to the glue factory without hesitation.  The pigs are no better than fact, they are worse since they do not show any remorse or feeling for the treatment of the animals they propose.  They reap all the benefits and do none of the work.

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