How do I compare Act 1 and Act 2 of Waiting for Godot?(En Attendant Godot)?

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The biggest difference between Acts 1 and 2 in the play is the reversal of fortune for Pozzo and Lucky.  Whereas Pozzo was clearly the master and Lucky was his slave in Act 1, in Act 2 Pozzo is blind and Lucky mute.  They have become dependant on each other for survival.

For Vladimir and Estragon, each new day, seems to be just that, new.  Pozzo and Lucky do not remember meeting them the day before and the boy who delivers the message that Godot will not be there but to come again tomorrow, also does not remember them.  Their own long term memories seem fuzzy.

Another interesting change is that the tree now has a leaf.  Is it actually the next day as in 24 hours later or has time passed and each day is like the day before?  Time itself does not necessarily have the same meaning for these people as it does for us.  Time is indeed relative

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