How do companies maintain strong customer relationships in a marketing aspect?

epollock | Student

Companies maintain strong customer relationships by developing customer retention programs. The programs focus on keeping the customer, maintaining the customer, improving the customer, and utilizing the customer. These can come in all sorts of variations such as:

1) By selling a product or service, follow-up with how the customer views that product or service.

2) Provide any additional, new, or improvised ancillary support items to the customer.

3) Allow the customer to make suggestions and offer advice for new products and services.

4) Use the customer to refer other customers and reward that customer with discounts, cash, or other products.

5) Promote that customer as a highly valued customer in media documents and use quotes to acknowledge customer.

6) Routinely provide customer with psychological support such as happy birthday wishes, free calendars and other items that remind the customer that he is highly valued.