How do I cite a quote from a website in MLA format?

Expert Answers
chelseaosborne314 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Citing a website depends on what kind of website it is. A few options are a work cited only on the web, a scholarly journal, and an article in an online database. Each of these require a few different things.

A work cited only on the web needs:

Author/Editor/Translator. Title of work (in italics if it is standalone, in regular font and quotations if it is part of something larger). Title of Website (if different from the title of the work). Version or edition used (if it is the first/only edition, this can be left out, as most readers will just assume it is the first if it is not otherwise mentioned). Publisher or sponsor of site (if that does not apply, use N.p.). Date of publication (Day, Month, Year - if not available, use n.d.). Medium of publication (Web). Date viewed (Day, Month, Year).

A scholarly journal needs:

Author/Editor/Translator. Title of work (same rules as previous example). Title of Publication Volume # (Date): page number (n.pag. if no page number). Medium of publication (Web). Date viewed.

An article in an online database:

Exactly the same as the online scholarly journal, only you need to add the title of the database in italics just before the medium of publication (separated by a period).