The Hate U Give

by Angie Thomas
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How do Chris and Starr see things from a whole different perspective because they are an interracial couple in The Hate U Give?

Expert Answers

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It’s not so much that Chris and Starr as a couple see things different because they are interracial. It is as individuals, who have had immensely different life experiences based on the color of their skin, that the differences occur.

For starters, Chris is white, and therefore right at home in Garden Heights and at Williamson Prep. Starr, on the other hand is black, and always feels as though she is on the outskirts of things. Take for example the party that she attends right at the beginning of the book. It is because she feels like she’s not fitting in that she leaves with her friend Khalil. She and Khalil are then stopped by police. Khalil has a hairbrush in his car, which police mistake for a gun, which is an assumption largely based on the color of Khalil’s skin. This leads to his death, because the police assume he is armed and dangerous, and shoot him.

Being raised with these type of fears always at the back of her mind, and always having to be on guard for when a policeman may mistake a hairbrush for a deadly weapon, have led Starr to think, plan and react in certain ways. Chris, on the other hand is white, and has had none of these complications to deal with. This does not, however, cause a stumbling block for their relationship.

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