How do the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird respect their neighbors and their individulaity?

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Not all of them do. Miss Stephanie gossips about everyone in town, and Aunt Alexandra is nearly as bad. But Atticus has tried to teach Jem and Scout to respect their neighbors and their privacy. Atticus repeatedly reminds his children to "stop tormenting" Boo Radley and to stay away from the Radley House, and he teaches them to step into the other man's skin before judging them. Miss Maudie doesn't pry into Jem's and Scout's private lives or play "cat-and-mouse" with them, but she does call the children over to share her cakes with them. The Radleys' own anti-social behavior was evident even before Boo's troubles, and most of the town had already recognized that their closed doors on Sunday meant that they wanted to be left alone.


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