How do each of the following factors affect the rate of a chemical reaction?a)temperature b)particle size c)pressure  

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shoomie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Temperature usually affects reactions - the warmer the temperature, the move Brownian movement so the reaction goes faster.  And conversely, the colder the temperature, the slower the reaction.

Particle size - the smaller the particles, the more likely they will cause a reaction with another substance so dissolved substances usually react faster than big chunks.  This is why water is so important - it dossolves so many substances that it helps reactions occur faster.

Pressure - the higher the pressure the faster the reaction occurs because the particles are being squished together and are moving faster, so they are more likely to collide and cause a reaction.  The lower pressure allows the molecules to move farther apart and there is less of a chance of collision, so the reaction rate is usually slower.

sanjeetmanna eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Factors affecting rate of chemical reaction.
  1. Concentration of the reactants.
  2. Pressure.
  3. Temperature.
  4. Catalyst.
  5. Nature of the reactant.
  6. Orientatation of reacting species.
  7. Surface area.
  8. Intensity of light.
  9. Nature of solvent.