How do cells store energy?I know ATP can't store for long period of time, but is the answer fat and carbohdyrates? Are there any advantages to store energy in these alternative form?

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dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your body stores energy as glycogen in muscle tissue and the liver. This glycogen is stored glucose(a carbohydrate). The process of converting extra glucose into glycogen is called glycogenesis. Glycogenesis is an anabolic process, a new substance is formed from constituent substances.When we consume more calories than needed it is also stored as fat or lipids in adipose tissue. When your body needs fuel for energy it first uses carbohydrates if adequate amounts are available. Second, the body uses fats or lipids for energy. Lastly, the body uses protein if and only if carbohydrate and lipid stores are insufficient.

devp06 | Student

as we know that energy is produced in the body after the metabolism of essentials compounds like glucose. the energy so produced is stired in the body in the form of cyclic nucleotited like CMP, GMP, ATP.


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