How do celebrities influence the youth of today?I am currently doing a project on how celebrities influence the youth of today and am looking into different people's opinions and views on how...

How do celebrities influence the youth of today?

I am currently doing a project on how celebrities influence the youth of today and am looking into different people's opinions and views on how celebrities influences have changed over the past few years and how they are now doing music videos that include them wearing barely anything. And whether boys or girls are most effected by celebrities.

Any information or views would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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We are a celebrity obsessed culture. Celebrities dominate all forms of entertainment, and we are exposed to them in nearly all aspects of our lives (shopping, television, sports, etc). I think celebrities set trends in regards to fashion, hairstyles, jewelry, and other products.

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I think most youth are smart enough to figure out which celebrities they should be emulating. The ones that set bad examples are fun because they set bad examples. There are also plenty of good examples to follow. Not all celebrities are movie stars. What about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? They are famous for doing something.
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While in a transition period to adulthood, adolescents like to "try on" different personas.  While doing so, they often imitate someone whom they admire or enjoy watching or listening to. These celebrities are usually from the athletic, musical, or acting arenas. Certainly, the behavior of some athletes leaves much to be desired and the vocabularies of some celebrities are not a positive influence. And, unfortunately, often the young person will imitate the behavior or speech of the celebrity, as well.

While this condition has been true for years, young adults are more exposed to vulgarity and carnal knowledge by these celebrities than they were in the past


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This is certainly not a new trend. Teens fell for Frank Sinatra in his younger days and for Elvis Presley in the 1950s and for The Beatles in the early 1960s. Parents found fault with many aspects of their lifestyles--particularly hair, dress and drugs--so today's escapades by celebrities are not unique. Rap/hip-hop stars who lead a criminal lifestyle and fill their songs with vulgar and misogynistic lyrics are, sadly, among the most influential.

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I do think that teenagers are influenced by celebrities. I think that girls are influenced by models, actors, and singers; boys are influenced by athletes, singers and actors (stereotypical, I know).

Unfortunately, many celebrities simply are not the best role models for the youth of today. Some athletes take illegal drugs, models are far too skinny, and "rock stars" promote drinking, drug use, and promiscuity.

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One influence I notice and hear about is the skinniness of female celebrities and the subsequent influence that has on teenagers girls and their weight issues. Many celebrities are "too thin" but not necessarily anorexic. They are under an incredible amount of industry pressure to look a certain way, and they perpetuate that body type on television and in movies. Young girls see that and think they have to look like that.

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Maybe I'm cynical, but I think that many celebrities today set very poor examples for teens (and for everyone). Let's go back fifty years and compare the popular culture of that time to the popular culture of today.  When I was growing up, I wasn't exposed to the "F" word in practically every movie I went to see, nor to the kind of violence and other forms of degrading behavior that seem to be popular in mass culture today. I know it's a vast over-generalization, but I think that popular culture today is, on the whole, much more pernicious in its influence on people than was ever true in most periods in the past.  (I am excepting, for instance, the gladiatorial fights in ancient Rome and the bear-baiting in Shakespeare's time.)

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I think that you need to distinguish between what the celebrities are doing and how much impact it has on teens.  In other words, you talk about the music videos and such, but just because they are being made in a so much more raunchy way (and just because celebrities are acting worse in general) does not mean that they actually affect teens.

You should think about whether maybe both the celebrities and the teens are reacting to a general changing in societal values.

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I feel like there a lot of teens who view celebrities as the coolest people and the people on top of the social ladder . Teens then , would want to be like them . For example whatever they wear , teen themselves would want to wear too . Of course though , now I feel like teen are able to kind of see the reality of celebrities and that they are not all that perfect . Of course though , these are just my opinions .