How do I calculate a linear equation?

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What I under stand from your question is that regression line  of the form


Y and X are two variables . a,b are constant to be determined as.




solving system of equation (i) and (ii) for a,b. we can get regression line.

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A linear equaton colud be compaeared  as weights on a a scale, you know some  weghts vaue, the weights "x" none

when we have i.e:

`7x +5 = x + 17`

the symbol "equal" means  tha wheights on the left and right side are equivalents.

Now You can immagine the left side as sum of a known weight `5` and seven weights of value `x`

On the right side we have a weight of value `17`  an only one weight of value: `x`

First step is to separate `x` weigts and know values keeping the equivalence. To do this we have , step by step, ad or subtract same weights.

In the example, if we take an x weights both sides, we get:

`7x + 5 - x = x + 17 - x` 

subtracting by  like terms:

`6x + 5=17` 

You can see this operation allow us to have  `x` weights only on lefs side .

But we havent separate  `x` from known yet

To mange this we have to deed wit another subraciono taking away

the weight `5` from both sides, this in order to manage only `x` on the left side an known weight on the rigth side.

`6x +5 -5 =17 -5`

having subtract the weight `5` from both sidethe scale is still in the balance.

So   operating with similar terms we get:

`6x = 12`

At once we  know, if six equal weights  acting as a weight of value 

`12`  only singe  weights `x` act as  `12/6`  that is `2`



SECOND STEP: IS DIVIDE KNOWN VALUE BY NUMBER OF `x` is  on the other side of the scale.