How do I calculate the density of gaseous O2 under STP?

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You should remember the formula that relates density, mass and volume such that:

`rho = m/V`

`rho`  represents the density

m represents the mass

V represents the volume

Since the problem requests to evaluate the density of gaseous `O_2` , you should remember that the volume of a mole of an ideal gas at standard temperature and pressure is of 22.4 L.

You need to evaluate the molar mass of `O_2`  such that:

`m= 2*16 = 32 g`

Substituting 32g for m and 22.4 for V yields:

`rho = 32/22.4 = 1.428 g/L`

Hence, evaluating the density of gaseous `O_2`  at standard temperature and pressure yields `rho = 1.428 g/L` .


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