How do Buddhists communicate with divine beings?How do Buddhists communicate with divine beings?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Meditation is vitally important to the Buddhist.  The central focus of the religion's practice is to attempt to free oneself from bonds of attachment.  It is this element of attachment that causes suffering.  The only way that one can be free of this is to free oneself from these bonds.  This is something that is accomplished through meditation and spiritual discipline, where one's life becomes a constant prayer.  In this light, it should be noted that Buddhism does not contain the idea of a "divine being."  Unlike other religions that have a specific or a group of deities, there is no central deity in Buddhism.  The Buddha himself is not "considered a God as he was an Enlightened man."  In this, Buddhists are not prone to worshipping an individual deity or a group of deity.  This would make spirituality an external process, which is not something that the Buddhist believes.  The "communication" that is needed in order to free oneself from attachment that causes suffering is not an external process.  It is something that comes from within.  At best, the path that the Buddha took is something that can be used as a basic starting point, but the path itself that one takes is one's path and the Buddhist's primary communication is not with an external being, but with oneself.