In "A Separate Peace" how do Brinker and Leper contribute to the internal and external conflicts of the book?

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Leper's character provides conflict because he is the character that reveals the true face of war-both literal war, and the internal war that Gene waged against Finny.  In the novel, the boys don't have a good idea what real war is like; they just romanticize the soldiers in uniform that are going off to bravely defend their country.  Well, Leper represents the other side of that, the more ugly face of war.  After he leaves training camp, he is highly disturbed; the pressure really got to him.  This is what war often does to people, but most of the boys don't realize this.  When Gene goes to visit Leper in chapter 10, Leper describes how because of the stress, lack of sleep, and fear of fighting, that he started hallucinating, seeing...

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