How do Brave New World and 1984 come to the same conclusion?The governments create similiar societies using different methods. What conclussion do they both come to in the end?

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timbrady eNotes educator| Certified Educator

They come to the conclusion that we can be controlled by the government.  They take different paths to that end.  in 1984, it's all done through power.  The interrogation of Winston by O'Brien makes this clear.  Thought control, manipulation of the past (another form of thought control), constant surveillance --- all these techniques make the people fearful of yet dependent on the government.

Brave New World does this without power (in the traditional sense).  They get people to love and choose their slavery.  By encouraging them to invest their energies in the pursuit of pleasure rather than meaning (sex, the feelies, soma), they actually deprive them of a personal life (the real enemy --- when the individual feels, the community reels!) --- but the best part is that the people willingly buy into this way of life.  The government provides them with the drugs and other pleasures, and the people willingly become slaves for them.

Again, if there's one conclusion they come to it's that we're a lot easier to control than you would think.

As an editorial comment, I think that our ever increasing dependency on government and government programs is frightening like their societies.  I hope you read "Brave New World Revisited" which is included in many Brave New World texts; if not, please do.  It's an eye opener.

timbrady eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I wasn't sure of a link, so I didn't add it above, but I found it.  Here it is:

This provides an interesting (and penetrating) analysis of these two books.

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