How do the boys react to the community they established in Lord of the Flies? In other words who dislikes or likes it?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From the start of the novel, the boys on the island attempt to set up a system of governance similar to what they would know from home.  The boys choose to elect a leader and hold a vote to determine who will lead them.  It's quite democratic of them.  All of the boys seem to be in favor of this solution, even Jack; however, Jack is not happy with the results.  Jack assumed that he would be elected leader, so when Ralph is voted leader instead, that doesn't sit will with Jack.  To appease Jack, Ralph determines that the island needs exploration and a group of boys to lead hunting parties.  Ralph selects Jack as the leader of that group.  The group is mainly comprised of boys that voted for Jack as well.  This system of governance continues to work for about 1/2 of the novel.  At that point Jack more or less takes over via a military dictatorship.  Obviously those kids that are a part of Jack's side of things are happy, and everybody else is not happy. 

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