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How do deconstruction theories such as Post-modernism and Post-structuralism contribute to the "logics of disintegration"?

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Deconstruction theories like Postmodernism and Poststructuralism represent the "logics of disintegration" because they believe that the structural understandings of truth are fundamentally flawed.  For the Poststructuralist thinker, the "structure" against which they argue is a language based one in which binary oppositions are used to determine structure and meaning.  Poststructuralist thinkers seek to critique the supposed establishment of truth and order.  It is this deconstruction that feeds the Postmodern thinker, in general.  The basic "logic of disintegration" is the idea of this critique.  There can be no extenuating order seen as "truth" or "transcendent" for the Postmodern thinker.  The Derrida idea of "Reading is transformational" fits into this context.  This transformational element indicates something that is in flux, in constant definition and redefinition.  It makes order impossible, contributing to the belief in the logics of disintegration.

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