How do Benvolio and Tybalt react when they see the servants fighting, and what do Ladies Capulet and Montague say when their husbands want to fight? Act 1

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act I, Scene 1, Benvolio and Tybalt's reactions are pretty much exact opposites.  Benvolio pulls out his sword and tells the servants to knock it off already -- stop fighting.  But Tybalt sees Benvolio's sword out and challenges him.  He tells Benvolio not to fight with servants but to fight him instead -- he says he'll kill Benvolio.

The two wives stop their husbands from joining in.  Capulet's wife tells him he's too old.  Montague's just tells him he is not going to fight -- she tells him he's not taking so much as one step towards the enemy.

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