Fences Questions and Answers
by August Wilson

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How does the author of Fences illustrate how different social forces impact Troy's life in a negative manner? Is racism the only force that causes negativity in Troy's life?

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Part of what makes Wilson's work so powerfully compelling is that it really explores the different causes of disenchantment in modern individuals.  Accordingly, racism is one of several causes of negative energe in Troy 's life.  Wilson creates a character that is so complex and so rich that it becomes illogical to capitulate every problem in his life to race and racism.  Indeed, racism is introduced as a condition in Troy's life that is present.  The first scene is one where the discussion of racism between Troy and Jim is honest, reflective of how many people of color feel about the issue of race in the workplace.  Certainly, the issue of race is also present when Troy's dreams of playing in the major leagues are...

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