How do the aspects of violence and perversity transform Mrs. Maloni from a docile wife to a murderess?focus on fragil identity of mrs maloni?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mrs Mary Maloney is in the middle of her pregnancy and quite in the lap of comfort and joy when she receives the disgraced news from her own husband that he wants to break off the marriage.

When you read the story you realize that both Mary and her husband Patrick are what we could categorize as creatures of habit. She prepares his drink at the same time every time he comes back from work, they go out to eat on Thursdays, the sews and cleans, he works.

This is a way to understand how the shock of it all made her snap. Her life, which was well-defined,  is all gone.

The perversity of it all is based on how she planned the alibi and how, as the police officers who came to her house ate the food she offered (and the murder weapon - the leg of lamb) she was in the other room, giggling.

You could argue that this is not perversion, but temporary insanity caused by a severe shock to her system. This is the end of her world as she knows it. She has no idea what to make of her life, herself, or anything anymore.

Perhaps her co-dependence to her husband is what would make her look like she is fragile, but it also makes you wonder if this insane act is one made by someone who is too soft to handle or too tough to be messed with.


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