How do the animals in "Animal Farm" break up the large stone into smaller stones for use in building the windmill?

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In Ch.6 we learn of the resourcefulness of the animals in solving the problem of breaking up the stone in the limestone quarry into suitable sizes to construct the windmill. Since the animals could not stand on their hind legs and use crowbars and pickaxes to break up the limestone into suitable sizes, they decided to use the force of gravity to accomplish this difficult task:

"Only after weeks of vain effort did the right idea occur to somebody-namely, to utilise the force of gravity. Huge boulders, far too big to be used as they were, were lying all over the bed of the quarry. The animals lashed ropes round these, and then all together, cows, horses, sheep, any animal that could lay hold of the rope--even the pigs sometimes joined in at critical moments--they dragged them with desperate slowness up the slope to the top of the quarry,where they were toppled over the edge, to shatter to pieces below."

Once the stones were broken into smaller sizes suitable for construction the animals transported them to the place of construction:

"Transporting the stone when it was once broken was comparatively simple. The horses carried it off in cart-loads, the sheep dragged single blocks, even Muriel and Benjamin yoked themselves into an old governess-cart and did their

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they break it