How do the actions of Red Chief foreshadow,or hint, the trouble he will make for his kidnappers?

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To be honest, I do not think that there is a lot of foreshadowing going on in this short story.  After all, the first time that the kidnappers talk to the boy, he hits Bill in the eye with a piece of brick that he throws.  It seems to me that at that point, he is already causing trouble -- not foreshadowing trouble.

Then, when they grab him, he fights them very hard.  That, too, seems like trouble, not foreshadowing.  But I suppose you can say that that foreshadows all the trouble he will cause once they have kidnapped him.

And if you are only asking about what the kid does once he is pretending to be Red Chief, the same goes.  When we first see him being Red Chief, he has already bruised Bill's shins by kicking him.

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