How is the division of rich and poor presented in Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games?

Expert Answers
esoppelt eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The division between rich and poor in The Hunger Games is evident in several ways including location, power and appearance. 

The rich people of Panem live mostly in the Capitol. It is described as a beautiful, clean city with skyscrapers, stores and advanced technology. The people living in the Capitol know nothing of what life is like in the rest of the country. They have everything they need and live for entertainment and fun. The poor live in the districts of Panem. Most of these districts are poor, without enough food or supplies. Only those who work for the Capitol have enough money or food. 

The rich are the ones who have the power in Panem. The political and military leaders are all rich and see little problem in abusing the poor. The mayors and the peacekeepers are being paid by the Capitol to keep the poor in line. When the poor act out or demand justice they are beaten or killed. 

The rich and poor in the Hunger Games also differ in appearance. The rich have the money to spend on fancy and fanciful clothing, jewelry, make-up and body modifications. The poor don't have the money to spend on these kind of things.