In Silas Mariner, is the Squire different from his sons?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Squire, who is the leader of the Cass clan is a symbol of what happens when one generation struggles to hit success only to have it all ruined by the subsequent generations that live off of the sacrifices of their forefathers.

Squire is an old-fashioned man who worked very hard to succeed in managing and sustaining the Red House, one of the most privileged estates in Raveloe.

He is hard working, serious, dedicated, hard and strict. He is no-nonsense and he understands that time is money, and money is hard to get. This is the reason why he has dedicated himself to administer the Red House as best as he possibly can.

However, his sons were both the antithesis of the Squire. Dunsey and Godfrey were his only sons and subsequent heirs to the estate. However, Dunsey, the youngest child was an alcoholic, a gambler, was irresponsible, inconsequential and very mean.

Unfortunately, his oldest son, Godfrey had all the potential to be successful but had a huge lack of gumption and was a follower of his younger brother in the drink and the gambling.

Squire was aware of this and would sincerely say to his sons how disappointed he is at the fact that all that he has worked for will fall under their ownership one day, and that the day it happens, the Red House will cease to be. This what isdifferent between them and what separates him from his sons.