How are the societies in The Giver and Gathering Blue different?How do people live, work, eat, etc.

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teachersmith eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While connected, the societies in The Giver and Gathering Blue differ substantially.  Jonas's community in The Giver presents itself as a utopia: everyone is satisfied with his or her lot in life, there is no disease or fear, and everyone gets along.  But the reader discovers, with Jonas, that this shiny veneer covers up a corrupt and brutal system of infanticide and murder.  The society has managed to fool its denizens into believing that their lives are perfect, but only because it denies them access to the bloody, fraught, emotional side of humanity.

In Gathering Blue, on the other hand, the community displays its barbarity for all to see.   Whereas The Giver seems set in a futuristic world, Gathering Blue takes place in a much more primitive community.  Each person struggles to survive, and there is little regard for the common good.  People are distrustful of one another, and jump at the chance to take what they can from the weak.

In any case, one important similarity is that both societies exploit those with special talents or abilities, without little regard for the individual's wellbeing.