How did Zlata's family save food when there was no electricity?

Zlata's family cannot save food when there is no electricity, so they have no choice but to cook it on the stove in the yard. This is bad enough, but when food in Sarajevo starts running out, it becomes hard to cook it, let alone save it.

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As June 1992 approaches, life in war-torn Sarajevo is becoming harder for the people trapped inside the city. The electricity supply has been down for some time, and as one can imagine, this creates considerable problems for everyone.

One of the biggest concerns is the storage of food. Without electricity, there is no refrigeration; and without refrigeration, there is no way to keep food from going bad. As Zlata records in her diary, she can't stop thinking about all that food her family has in the freezer. If the electricity supply remains down, then all that meat and all those fruits and vegetables will spoil.

Under the circumstances, there's not a whole lot that anyone can do about it. The only solution is to eat as much of the food as possible. Zlata's father finds an old wood-burning stove in the attic. In the cellar, they find some wood, put it in the stove out in the yard, and then proceed to cook as much food as possible. In the event, everyone enjoys a great meal. If anything, they enjoy themselves a little too much, as they overeat.

Zlata doesn't know when they'll have such an opportunity again. Food shortages are becoming a growing problem in Sarajevo, and the way things are going, finding food will be a problem, never mind storing it.

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