How did the young people respond when Mao Zedong sought their support?

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kodasport eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The young people of China during the 1966 cultural revolution responded by supporting his attempts.  Many Chinese young people supported Mao by forming the Red Guards.  These young people sought out the educated and intellectuals in cities of China and took them to the rural areas for labor in prison camps.  In general the young people of China supported the idea of a cult of personality that would not favor "bourgeois" ideals.  The young people of China were determined to rid society of these liberal thinkers and worked to establish true Socialists conditions.

moustacio | Student

Chinese youths enthusiastically supported Mao during the Cultural Revolution. Students who were recruited as the Red Guards actively heeded Mao's calls for revolution - they beat any perceived rightists to death and carried out struggle meetings against individuals from the capitalist class, where they were exposed to personal criticisms and forced to make humiliating self-reflections. Any objects or ideas that were remotely related to the "Four Olds" (old ideas, old cultures, old customs and old habits of the capitalists) were ruthlessly destroyed and stamped out. This led to a massive outpouring of violence in China, resulting in the ea known as the Red Terror.