Stuck in Neutral

by Terry Trueman
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How did you get started? can you email me because I am doing a poster about you and you book- Stuck in Neutral- and it would be nice if you emailed me.(I LOVE YOUR BOOK)

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Unfortunately, you won’t be able to contact the actual author through this site, but you can find some background information about them. Terry Trueman has been an educator, counselor, and writer for about thirty years. He draws on his own experiences with young people, personal and professional, to create the story of Stuck in Neutral. For twenty-five years his writing remained largely unsuccessful up until 1992 when he published the long narrative poem, Sheeha about the impact of an injured child on the people who love him. He also co-authored a book with Michael Gurian called What Stories Does My Son Need? Trueman converted to Roman Catholicism at the age of fifty-one. He has two sons, teaches at a community college, and lives in Spokane, Washington, with his partner, Patti. His newest nonfiction work, which he co-authored with Michael Gurian and Patricia Henley is Boys and Girls Learn Differently: A Guide for Teachers and Parents (2001). This work draws on brain research and learning style theory to help parents and teachers better meet children's learning needs. Stuck in Neutral, Trueman's first novel based on the life of his disabled son, received a number of excellent reviews and won the Michael L. Printz Honor Book award for 2001. In addition, the book has been optioned for film by actor Craig T. Nelson, and Trueman has been working on the screenplay. Trueman concludes his unauthorized biography, "If you want to really know a writer, just read his work."

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