How did you feel when the axe fell in Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard? And do you see any correlation between the burgeoning revolution in this play and our world today?

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It is rather difficult for me to assess how you might have felt when the axe fell; only you can give an account of your own feelings.

The general critical reaction to the play suggests a wide range of audience responses. People sympathetic to the old regime, or those who can appreciate the beauty of the orchard, might feel sad. Others might think that the irresponsible aristocrats deserved to lose the orchard and see cutting it down as a sign of progress.

Although revolutions differ ion their political details, the analogy to the world today could be the way in which the changes wrought by revolution affect the individuals caught up in them; to build a new order, a revolution destroys the old order, and if some people benefit, others are harmed.