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samson98 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As the last chapter of the novel opens, Charles Wallace remains trapped in IT. Mr. Murray and Calvin both offer to go rescue Charles Wallace, but Mrs. Whatsit tells them their plans will not work. Meg realizes that she is the only one who can save her brother, but this makes her angry.

Nevertheless, she tessers to Camazotz and goes to the CENTRAL Central Intelligence Building to find Charles Wallace. Mrs. Which had told her that she will defeat IT because she has something IT does not have, but Meg does not know what that is.

She finds Charles Wallace, but instead of feeling love for her brother, she feels anger; IT has such great control of her brother that she barely even recognizes him. She begins to think that maybe anger is what IT does not have, so she focuses on her anger. However, anger does not free Charles Wallace.

Meg begins to realize that anger is negative, just like IT. Love, on the other hand, is positive; IT does not have and cannot understand love. She tries to love her brother rather than feeling anger toward IT. She thinks about what Charles Wallace was like when they were younger, before IT got a hold of him. She lovingly calls to him, and he responds! Meg's love frees Charles Wallace from IT.

Suddenly, Meg is back home with her family--all of her family.