How did world politics affect the course and outcome of the American Revolution and how did it affect women/african americans?Thanks for any help!

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kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

African Americans were greatly effected by politics worldwide that supported the American Revolution. For example, Crispus Attucks was a black man who was a leader of the black freedom fighters during the American Revolution, who led a group of patriots to stop the" British Redcoats" who were-- sent by the British-- to come to the U.S. to try and control the colonists. These patriots that Attucks led were sailors and servants and people who worked on the docks. During what was known as the BOSTON MASSACRE, Crispus Attucks' was killed. However, his martyrdom inspired many and led to the American Revolutionary War because the people realised how important it was defend our freedoms and rights to independence.

Crispus Attucks was only one black who served during that war. There were thousands more.  Later on Crispus' leadership inspired many other blacks and abolitionists as well as women's rights advocates.

Women and African American's lives were changed forever because now there was a basis for individual rights in the constitution which later led to the establishment of nondiscrimmination laws for women and blacks.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The biggest impact of world politics on the American Revolution was through the involvement of the French (and the Spanish too, a little bit).  In those days, the French and the British were the two most powerful countries in the world and they were long-time enemies.

Because of this, the French took any chance they could to hurt the British. Helping the Americans become indpendent was one of these chances.  The French contributed a lot of money and weapons and even some troops and ships.  Their navy was really important in trapping the British at Yorktown during the final battle of the war.