How did Winnie’s feelings about the Tucks change from when they first kidnapped her to the end of chapter 8 in Tuck Everlasting?  

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When Winnie first meets Jesse Tuck, she is mildly curious.  She is a little bit frightened when they kidnap her though.  By the time Winnie gets to know the Tucks, she considers them good friends.

Winnie had been thinking that her life was boring and she wanted an adventure.  She definitely got one.   Winnie saw Jesse drink from the spring, and he could not convince her not to drink too.  Not sure what to do, the Tucks decided to take her home so they could explain properly that she could not drink from the spring because it would make her immortal, as it had done to them many years before.

Winnie was surprised that while being kidnapped she was “just as alarmed” as the kidnappers.

She had always pictured a troupe of burly men with long black moustaches who would tumble her into a blanket and bear her off like a sack of potatoes while she pleaded for mercy. But, instead, it was they, Mae Tuck and Miles and Jesse, who were pleading. (Ch. 6) 

When Winnie made it to the Tucks’ house, she was enamored of the comfortable and somewhat haphazard way in which they lived.  The Tucks were simple people, and very sweet.  Winnie liked Jesse, who was just a few years older than her.  Mae was very motherly, and Angus was a nice man.  The family was completely normal except for the fact that they were immortal. 

Winnie came to not only feel comfortable at the Tuck house, but also accept them as friends.  She liked the Tucks, and forgot ever having felt kidnapped.  She felt like she has gone on her grand adventure. 

Why, she, too, might live forever in this remarkable world she was only just discovering! The story of the spring—it might be true! So that, when she was not rolling along on the back of the fat old horse—by choice, this time—she ran shouting down the road, her arms flung out, making more noise than anybody. (Ch. 8)

Winnie enjoyed her time at the Tucks' house, and left under sad circumstances when Mae killed the man in the yellow hat and got arrested.  Winnie went back home, but she was not the same.  She had seen a whole new world.  The Tucks were also her friends, and she agreed to help break Mae out of jail so no one would find out she was immortal.

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