How did Winnie say she could help with the escape in Tuck Everlasting?What did Winnie see behind the jailhouse?

Expert Answers
anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Winnie said she could take the place of Mae in the cell. Once the boys had broken their mother out, Winnie could huddle under the covers on the bed and make herself as big as possible. That way the guard checking on the prisoners would see a sleeping figure in the bed. When she was discovered in the morning, being a child, she could not be punished (at least not as an adult). She would be in trouble at home, but with her wealthy, respectable family, nothing major would happen to her. Behind the jailhouse was the gallows. The thunderstorm that helped hide the escape lit up the place where Mae would hang by the neck until dead to atone for killing the Man in the Yellow Suit. Even though the killing was accidental in response to the man taking Winnie, Mae was condemned to death. Only- she couldn't die, so the secret would be out!

jessica367 | Student

Winnie said she could wrap herself in Mae's blanket and stay in the cell over night to give them enough time to run away.