How did William Golding's life influence the text of Lord of the Flies?

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William Golding (1911-1993) spent many years teaching school. In 1939, he began working as an English and philosophy teacher at Bishop Wordsworth's School. He worked there until 1961, save for the five years he spent in the Royal Navy during World War II. Therefore, he knew well the ways of schoolchildren, and he used this knowledge in writing Lord of the Flies

In addition, he was greatly influenced by the horrific bloodshed he saw while fighting in World War II. During the war, he took part in the landing on Normandy during D-Day. Breaking with his father, Alec, who was also a teacher and who believed in rationality and the capability of human beings to work towards perfection, Golding believed that evil lurked everywhere behind the superficial civilized veneer of human beings. This belief in the omnipresence of evil also influenced his writing of Lord of the Flies. 

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