The Pigman Questions and Answers
by Paul Zindel

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How did the whole incident with Mr. Pignati get started according to John in The Pigman? It is in a book called The Pigman and in the book you can't find it.

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John tells us how the whole incident with the Pigman started in the fourth paragraph of Chapter 3. He says,

"I suppose it all started when Lorraine and I and these two amoebae called Dennis Kobin and Norton Kelly were hot on these phone gags last September."

John goes on to describe how the four of them pulled the usual pranks of calling random numbers out of the phone book and asking the person answering lame questions such as if their refrigerator was running, and then telling them to "go catch it" when the answer was affirmative. The kids had recently made up a new variation of the game in which "the object was to keep a stranger talking on the phone as long as possible. One afternoon when they were playing the game, Lorraine picked the number of Mr. Angelo Pignati out of the pnone book when it was her turn. Lorraine had actually cheated a little, peeking so that she could see Mr. Pignati lived on Howard Street, not far from her house. She decided that, since he lived close by, she could pretend she was from a philanthropic society which was soliciting donations in the area, and engage him in conversation about contributing. Upon dialing, she discovered that she had connected with an old man who was more than happy to talk with her, about anything, just because he was lonely. One thing led to another, and before long, she and John had visited Mr. Pignati and begun a friendship of mutual need (Chapters 3 and 4).

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